86. in the mirror who do you see?

so don't let go
we can be so beautiful
listening to the sound
of silence

today i finally found out that all my preferences are unusual for every my friends. and i feel some kind of sadness about it coz honestly we should be the same as we're friends
but it's not the main topic. im tired from discussions about every shit in the world. homosexual is evil, unpopular music is disgusting, movies without loooove story or sex or stupid jokes are bad and shouldn't be watched, government is good and you must be a patriot! it's a bull shit! lie and nothing else than provocation
provocation to aggressive without reason. no one who rules the world doesn't want us to live in common, in adoption of other people's interests. and I can't understand it. I can't and don't wanna understand why we can't live in peace, don't wanna understanding of war in all means.
i won't talk about ordinary war, if war could be ordinary. im talking about fight in our brains and souls. the picture of modern time is society without eyes closed by corporations, religion, wrong education and lie in mass media.
why? and what need to do people who see it but can't change? we have no answers
in the end, i just can say BREAK STERIOTYPES but carefully) all troubles bcoz of surplus.

You can’t take your eyes oh-oh-oh-oh-off me
‘Cause I’m different and my mind is free
You would want to lo-oh-oh-oh-ove me
But will that ever be?

@музыка: Conchita Wurst – Heroes

2018-06-15 в 22:29 

Nice boobz, btw :cool:


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